Welcome to the Children's Clinic!

The Children's Clinic is a clinic within SANITAS Hospital set aside just for children and their families. Here your children can relax and be themselves without upsetting other types of visitors to the hospital. Here you will also find other mums and dads going through the same problems and professional staff who understand.

The Children's Clinic has a fun atmosphere and lots of things to keep the children distracted from their problems. The Children's clinic is staffed with dedicated childrens specialists and Paediatricians.

How to get to the Children's Clinic

The Children's Clinic is inside SANITAS Hospital on level 1 of Baraka Plaza.
If entering past TSN go to the top of the stairs and to the right.
Or if entering via the lift, go to level 1, it is the second clinic on the right.

The Childrens's Clinic is open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm
We are also open on Sundays from 10am to 6pm!


Great things about the Children's Clinic!

::- The Children's Clinic has its own reception, so there is no need to queue up anywhere else around the hospital. The Children's clinic reception staff can help you with almost any query and get real time information for you from the specialists at hand.

::- The Children's Clinic have their own out-patient nurses who can assist with minor child health ailments, any emergencies, and will help you administer any treatments required for your children.

::- The Children's Clinic is staffed by proffessional Child health specialists, Paediatricians and medical staff experienced in dealing with children.

::- Within the Children's Clinic your child can have their vital measurements taken by the nurses and Phlebotomy staff are on hand to take samples for testing, so you can relax and let your children relax.

::- The vaccinations of the government schedule for Tanzanian children are provided free to all health facilities by the government of Tanzania. SANITAS is proud to pass on those vaccinations FREE OF CHARGE. Our Vaccination clinic is held on Tuesday mornings from 9am to 1pm in the Childrens Clinic. There is a long queue however, so plan ahead!

::- The Childrens clinic accepts your health insurance card as for SANITAS Hospital (Strategis, Bupa, Resolution, AAR, Jubilee, Metropolitan, Aetna, NOW etc).

**However please note that for AAR card holders you are required to be authorised by AAR at the AAR desk inside the OPD first, we apologise if this is any inconvenience.


Children's Clinic Brochure (Pdf 5mb)