Welcome to the Women's Clinic, where women can see their specialists at their pace. The women's clinic is within SANITAS Hospital,but in an area set aside from the hustle and bustle of the general hospital activities.

We hope that you will find the women's clinic a relaxed a peaceful atmosphere. A place where you can set your own schedule and have have exclusive access to women's health specialists and all the information you need for your women's health issues.


The Women's Clinic is inside SANITAS Hospital on level 1 of Baraka Plaza.
If entering past TSN it is right at the top of the stairs.
Or if entering via the lift, go to level 1, it is the third clinic on the right.


::- The Women's Clinic is open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm Sundays we are closed, but doctors are available in the Out-patient center.

::- The Women's Clinic has its own reception, so there is no need to queue up anywhere else around the hospital. The Women's clinic reception staff can help you with almost any query and get real time information for you from the specialists at hand.

::- The Women's Clinic have their own out-patient nurses so you can have your vital measurements taken for every appointment. The nurses will also be able to help you with minor medical enquiries.

::- The Women's Clinic is staffed by proffessional womens health specialists in gynaecology, cervical cancer and nutrition.

::- Phlebotomy (blood testing) can be done just next door in the out-patient centre and if you require Ultrasound or X-ray these must be done on level 2 in the Radiology Dept. But most other procedures and consultations can be done right here in the Women's clinic including:
>Gynae consultatations
>Nutrition Consultation
>Pap smear procedure
>Cervical Cancer screening
>Breast exams
>Maternity clinic consultations
>Vital measurements (bp, height, weight etc)

::- The Women's Clinic accepts all Health Insurance cards as for SANITAS Hospital (NHIF, Strategis, Jubilee, Aetna, Bupa, NOW, Metropolitan, AAR, Resolution etc).

** Please note that for AAR Insurance you will need to get AAR approved at the AAR desk in the OPD Centre first, we apologise if this is any inconvenience.


Some of our Women's Clinic Brochures:

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