SANITAS OUT-PATIENT Department (OPD) is now situated on level 1, a new space devoted just to efficient and comfortable service of our out-patients.
We guarantee that a standard doctor visit, some investigations, results and prescriptions will not take more than 2-3 hours.

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The OPD is open 24 hours a day, EVERY DAY. Services available for 24 hours include Doctors, nursing, pharmacy and laboratory.
You can access the OPD at the north end of Baraka Plaza and take the lift to level 1
OR you can go up the stairs past TSN to level 1

At SANITAS we appreciate how busy you are, and we know no one enjoys being sick! To help make the process of getting advice and treatment even easier and the waiting time even less, we have divided our patient services into smaller, more specialised departments and clinics. The aim of this is to:

  • :> Make the queues shorter, only those people waiting for those specialists are in that waiting area.
  • :> Give you better access to the specialists you are seeing, by creating an atmosphere more condusive to communication between doctors and patients
  • :> Staff in that area are experts in that area so you can get the best advice from the people who know the best
  • :> Ultimately your visit is quicker, more comfortable, you deal with familiar faces and you get to go home a lot faster.

We hope this system is working for you and if you have any comments, we are only too glad to recieve all any feedback (good and bad!). Please fill in the feedback form below and let us know!

To date our clinics are:

  • > Childrens clinic: - for all of those who wish your child to see a Paediatrician
  • > Women's Clinic: - for all women (and men) who may wish to see a Gynaecologist
  • > Physio Centre: - for all patients seeking physio treatment
  • > Dental Clinic: - for all patients requireing Dental assessment or treatment
  • > General OPD: - for all other patients wanting to see a GP or other specialists

Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm we also have the following resident SPECIALISTS:

  • > Physician
  • > General Surgeon
  • > Dentist
  • > Physiotherapist
  • > Paediatrician
  • > Gynaecologists
  • >Nutritionist
  • >Counsellor

We also have a rotating roster for other specialists such as:

  • > Dermatologist
  • > Gastroenterologist
  • > Pulmonologist
  • > ENT specialist
  • > Nutritionist
  • > Opthomologist
  • > Orthopedician

For these rotating specialists, it is best that you call reception to reserve a consultation number as their sessions are very busy (0688 863035).

ADDITIONAL services in the OPD

::The OPD reception can take care of all of your file registrations, insurance paperwork and any other documentation you may need.

::OPD nurses are on hand for emergencies and minor treatments prescribed such as Dressings, injections, ECGs etc.

::We have full time Phlebotomy (sample collection) staff on hand to take all of your blood samples for your laboratory testing.

::We now have a pharmacy on level 1, so that you no longer have to run up the stairs to level 2 to get your medication.
Karibuni Sana!

IMPORTANT things to note about SANITAS out-patient services


For General Practitioners (GPs) there are no appointments required and patients are attended in the order that they register with reception. The queue is generated within our patient software and the doctors call the next patient according to that queue. In most ordinary cases you will not wait more than 20-30 minutes to get in to see the doctor.

If you are seeing a specialist or a particular doctor in high demand, we use our system of CONSULTATION NUMBERS. Here as well as the software queue, we assign the patient a physical number card, so that there can be no confusion. Patients will be attended by the specialist in the order of the physical consultation numbers.

We understand that this can be exasperating for some and we know you are busy and have short time available to consult the doctor. However, We have tried appointments, and we found there are so many variables that affect our ability to guarantee that appointment (patient not coming on time, doctor not arriving on time, doctor having to attend an emergency, doctor taking more time with previous patient etc), that it is most often not achievable and creates even more dissatisfaction from promised times not kept.

Therefore, we prefer not to make promises we cannot keep, but instead use the above system of consultation numbers. We do however promise to keep waiting times to a minimum and inform you of any changes along the way.

SANITAS HOSPITAL accepts your health insurance card.

We are proudly able to accept almost any health insurance card that has been presented to us. (If you find you have a health insurance company that we do not accept, please go and see our admin department and we will approach your company to make it happen!). SANITAS accepts:

  • >>AAR Health Insurance
  • >>Aetna Health Insurance
  • >>BUPA International Health Insurance
  • >>GMC/Henner International Health Insurance
  • >>Jubilee Health Insurance
  • >>Metropolitan Health Insurance
  • >>NOW Health Insurance
  • >>NSSF cards of nominated members
  • >>Resolution Health Insurance
  • >>Strategis Health Insurance

::Please note!
Because we accept your card, this does not mean it will cover every service. The services that we are able to provide depends on your insurance policy. It is really important for you to be aware of the kind of policy you have and what it covers, so there are no surprises later.

::Please note!
Many health insurers have extensive authorisation procedures or paperwork that must be completed before we are allowed to proceed with any services. Please bear with our staff whilst they complete this, just a few minutes are all it takes, but we understand it can seem long when you feel unwell. Our staff will do their best to accomodate your needs, but this is an unavoidable part of using your card and we do the procedures as fast as we can.

::Please note!
If you use your insurance card at SANITAS and for some reason your health insurance company refuses to pay for your expenses, we will call you to settle the account yourself. At such time if you have genuine reason to believe this is a mistake, please discuss with our claims manager and we can also try to help solve the problem.

::Please note!
SANITAS clinics in Quality Centre and Kigamboni are not able to accept NHIF cards or AAR Health insurance cards. This is a matter deemed by those companies and is out of our control, we apologise for any inconvenience, but we will happily accept your cards at SANITAS Hospital.

Asante! We thank you for you understanding and cooperation.